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3C™ Brand Messaging

Every time you communicate with your target audiences, you either build equity in your brand or diminish it. Therefore, developing a brand message that communicates a unique customer value proposition clearly and consistently is one of the most important components to brand success. Brand messaging takes the brand's positioning and communicates throughout all of the various channels.

Keen Branding will help you to take your brand's positioning and articulate it throughout all of the various channels through our 3C™ Brand Messaging process. Our process is designed to make your messaging more potent by identifying and clarifying key primary and secondary messages that are Clear, Consistent and Compelling and based on positioning fundamentals. We help companies to differentiate each brand and make more efficient use of their brand resources through the development of a brand personality and common story that shares the brand vision with all of a brand's constituencies, both internal and external.

Keen Branding's 3C™ Brand Messaging will result in a clear, concise and compelling message that communicates your unique customer value proposition for each brand and a common story that is easily understood. Our process ensures that these messages are carried forward throughout each component of your communications, including advertising, sales promotion, marketing collateral, naming, tagline(s), packaging, your intranet and web site, as well as various other mediums, and that the messaging for each of your brands - corporate, product, service or technology - is consistent and follows the proper hierarchy within your total messaging system.

Our 3C™ Brand Messaging process will allow you to make more efficient use of your brand resources and will help to build equity in your brand.