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Brand Positioning

Brands do not exist in a vacuum, and excellent positioning is the key to a brand's – and ultimately a company's – success. Keen Branding helps our clients to create and communicate the distinctive stories of their companies and brands in a differentiated way that attracts both customers and employees.

In essence, Keen Branding's Brand Positioning methodology involves identifying your target audience and what you do differently and better than everyone else, then helping you to communicate it. Our process is tailored to identify and prioritize the complex set of features, benefits, attributes and images to develop a unique customer value proposition, the "reason why" you are distinctive from your competitors and customers should buy your product. We help you to create or refine a differentiated and appealing brand personality - a powerful mix of tangible and intangible benefits and imagery - and then help you to communicate this message, in plain speak, in a consistent and appealing way to your target audiences.

Throughout the process, our experienced industry experts provide our patented "fallacy busting" component, which is integrated throughout our process to help your organization see where it suffers from competitive myopia ('People will buy our product/technology because it is better' and 'We have no competition'), the true cause of poor positioning.