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OptiBrand™ Brand Assessment

Today's competitive markets require a thorough understanding of your brand relative to competitive brands in the marketplace to be successful. Therefore, a complete brand assessment, typically conducted every 12-18 months, is essential.

Keen Branding utilizes our proprietary OptiBrand™ brand assessment methodology that we have honed through many years of assessing thousands of brands to create fully optimized, global brands. Our process allows us to go beyond analyzing awareness, weaknesses and strengths to identify the trends that can impact a brand and to then develop strategies to best position each brand relative to its competition. Through this process, we speak with the various groups domestically and internationally who influence a brand, including employees, customers, partners and other vendors and competitive users, to identify the values and messages - both emotional and functional - that will have the highest resonance among your various target audiences.

Keen Branding’s OptiBrand™ process can help you to identify when and how to extend a brand, evaluate the potential effectiveness of proposed messages across markets, establish benchmarks for measuring the effectiveness of branding communications and advertising campaigns, identify the depth of brand knowledge by employees and partners and determine the need to improve a brand’s image or awareness.

Ultimately, the knowledge resulting from Keen Branding's OptiBrand™ process will help you to increase sales and gain market share.