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Corporate & Brand Logo Creation

Keen Branding creates the visual component of companies and their brands. During our process, which begins with a comprehensive Visual Audit to provide us with an understanding of how the logo will be used, we will consider various types of logos, including wordmarks or name stylizations. In addition, we will evaluate in depth the various components that comprise a logo, including fonts, color and symbols, to ensure that your logo communicates the corporate or brand image in a differentiated way.

In today's fast-moving and competitive environment, companies also find it necessary to revisit their visual identities in order to remain competitive. Fine-tuning a logo also can be necessary to create and build a consistent look. Keen Branding works with corporations and their brands to modernize and freshen their images while building on the equity that their visual identities currently hold.

Whether it is a new logo or a refreshed look, the result will be a unique, distinctive visual identity that will increase recognition for your company or brand and build equity.