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Internal Brand Communications

Every time someone in an organization communicates with a customer, from sales to customer service to purchasing to the receptionist, there is an opportunity to build - or lose - brand equity. Therefore, marketers who do not take the opportunity to monitor and influence brand communications via their internal audience lose an extremely important opportunity to build brand equity.

Keen Branding understands that a brand's internal audience can have a direct impact on the success of the brand. That's why we work with clients to shape, mold and direct information about brands to their internal audiences. We help clients to create internal implementation and communications plans that communicate the importance of each brand, its key attributes and its messaging to encourage and support corporate-wide buy-in. These plans are tailored to the needs of each client and address a variety of branding situations, from introducing new brands to educating employees regarding changes or modifications to existing brands, brand structures and strategies.

Keen Branding helps to create a strong corporate culture where all employees understand and actively promote brand values throughout the organization, which can be a very cost-effective way to build brand equity.