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Name Continuity and Nomenclature Systems

A nomenclature system is essential to developing consistent and powerful brand names that support an overall strategy in the long term. A well-developed nomenclature and name continuity system also helps protect you from the weak brands that result from brand proliferation and is the foundation of a strong corporate brand strategy.

Keen Branding helps its clients by developing a naming strategy that will provide a system for all of the naming opportunities within your organization, including existing names, new names and names or brands that are acquired. We utilize branding and strategic management principles, tailored to your unique situation, to help you develop a framework for identifying which new products, technologies or services should be named, including policies and procedures.

This framework, or system, will address word usage and the kinds of names that should be used, as well as the relationships between names. Keen Branding's Name Continuity and Nomenclature System process will help to ensure that you develop targeted, strategic brands and prevent the brand confusion that results from improper or over branding.