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Name and Tagline Validation (Global/Domestic)

Given the cost to develop and introduce a new brand, it is essential to introduce a brand name or tagline that enters the market with the highest potential to build brand equity. A thorough assessment of possible corporate or brand names or taglines should be conducted in the key markets in which it will be used.

Whether domestic or global, Keen Branding's validation methodology includes both qualitative and quantitative data to help select the ideal name or tagline candidate for your target audience. We use a variety of survey methods, including focus groups, telephone surveys and panels, to speak directly with your various target audiences. Each questionnaire is designed and tailored specifically to the needs of your project and objectives. Having tested thousands of names in every industry, we also incorporate key attributes and variables relevant to your industry into the questionnaire design. We then provide you with a segmented analysis that meets your objectives and provides you with the answers you need.

Keen Branding's Name and Tagline Validation process ensures that you make the decision of the final name or tagline with the input of the most important influence on the success of your new company or product: Your target audience. For more information about Keen Branding's Name and Tagline Validation services, please contact us.