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Positioning Statement Creation

A well-crafted positioning statement is an essential part of a complete brand messaging system. Similar to a tagline, which communicates how your brand is differentiated to a brand's external audiences, a positioning statement communicates this information to the brand's internal audiences and vendors, who while more knowledgeable than external audiences, require a common objective and language in order to retain focus and build equity in the brand.

Keen Branding helps companies to craft strong, distinctive positioning statements that communicate the essence of a brand to vendors, such as business partners, ad agencies and PR firms, and internal audiences, in practical terms that they in turn can use in communications to the brand's external audiences. Our process focuses on creating a positioning statement that identifies the key target audience(s) for the brand and communicates the brand's unique customer value proposition, utilizing both emotional and functional benefits in a clear and distinctive way.

The result will be a simple, yet powerful and unifying message that communicates concisely about your brand so that all of the people and companies who impact the success of the brand have a common understanding and utilize a common and consistent language for the brand in order to build brand equity.