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Tagline Creation

Companies are increasingly realizing how powerful a unique, distinctive and compelling tagline can be. A tagline is an essential component of any branding strategy and communicates the positioning in a creative way to all the audiences of a brand, both internal and external. As a branding tool, a tagline can help to define what a new product or company is all about, and breathe new life into an existing product or company without the cost of a full rebranding campaign. The absence of a tagline - or the use of an ineffective one - will put your brand at a competitive disadvantage.

Keen Branding works with our clients to develop powerful, targeted taglines. Our focus is on designing a tagline that differentiates your brand from its competition and communicates the "reason why" to its target audiences in a creative and distinctive way. Because it is reflective of your brand's positioning, our understanding of brand positioning is essential, and we work with you to shape the essence of your brand into a short, distinctive and compelling phrase.